Hydrographic Data Processing Experts

Endeavour Hydrographic Ltd. can work with clients for everything from survey planning, to data collection, and data processing, to ensure you have the highest-quality data possible and produce the best products possible.

Our first-hand surveying experience in the hydrographic industry covers everything from short one-hour harbour surveys, to dredging surveys, and deep-water surveys that span several months. Our experience working in Technical Support at CARIS means we have an in-depth knowledge of the tools available, and how to use them to provide unique solutions for our clients.

Distinct Advantage


Endeavour Hydrographic’s office is in Fredericton, New Brunswick, alongside two of the industry’s leading software companies, Teledyne CARIS, and QPS, as well as the University of New Brunswick’s Ocean Mapping Group.

Our open and close relationship with, and proximity to, the Teledyne CARIS and QPS offices, gives us the distinct advantage of being able to troubleshoot our clients’ data in a holistic way, and under a timeframe that our competitors cannot meet.


If a solution to our client’s data problems is not available within the software, we can physically bring the entire data set to the Teledyne CARIS or QPS office and work directly with their teams.    


Leading The Industry

Matthew Gudger
Owner & Senior Hydrographer
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"An acquisition team member can collect data without understanding what happens in the chart production stage, and someone can produce end products without understanding what happened in the acquisition stage. But you cannot process data without knowing what happened before you and what is required afterward."

- Matthew Gudger



Endeavour Hydrographic is lead by Matthew Gudger, an industry expert with more than 11 years of experience in everything from data acquisition in the field, to training hydrographic professionals around the world. 


Organizations that Matthew has worked with include:

Canadian Hydrographic Service

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

United States Army Corp

Australia Hydrographic Office

Italian Navy

Australian Navy

Malaysian Navy

Land Information New Zealand (indirectly as a subcontractor)

Numerous surveying companies in the United States and Canada




Matthew is an expert at trouble-shooting data quality issues, developing innovative workflows, & project management.