Innovative Hydrographic Data Processing

Endeavour Hydrographic Ltd. is a world leader in hydrographic data processing. Our in-depth knowledge of data acquisition, surveying, and chart production gives us the unique ability to provide you with innovative, holistic solutions to your hydrographic needs.

Data Solutions

A full range of processing services - from acquisition to processing.

Our in-depth knowledge of the workflow - from acquisition to chart production - provides a holistic approach to your data.


The best processing leads to the best products!

Distinct Advantage

We're located alongside two of the industry’s leading software companies, Teledyne CARIS, and QPS, as well as the University of New Brunswick’s Ocean Mapping Group.

Our open and close relationship with these organizations means your data is in the most capable hands possible!


We pride ourselves on being flexible and client-focused.

We provide detailed notes and online progress updates, teleconferences, and video conferences.


After one project, you'll be a lifelong subscriber to the Endeavour approach to project management!

Your Hydrographic Data Processing Experts

A full range of processing services 


Data cleaning

Calibration tests

GPS & traditional tidal reductions

Complex identification of sound velocity, timing, & motion artifacts


Get better results - plan your survey with your end-goals in mind


Pre-survey processing consultations ensure you collect the best data possible to serve your end goals. Have increased capacity to quality-control data in the field - & provide critical review of data.

Reduce errors


We can help you reduce the probability of data entry errors by outlining various software capabilities to produce reports.


You'll know which data reviews should be done - at what intervals - so you can plan for them & use them to your advantage.

Meaningful information


Go into your survey armed with processing checklists, daily deliverables, survey strategies for better data resolution, detailed procedures & settings, & more.


So you can make the most use of your survey.

Thorough - Reliable - Professional


Ensure ongoing success for your project with innovative workflows & streamlined processes.

We can use our proprietary filtering applications & in-depth knowledge of processing software to provide you with creative solutions to data anomalies.

Ensure your project's ongoing success


We'll deliver high-quality project management, project-specific workflows, trouble-shooting for data discrepancies, & technical reports.

For Project Success -